June 26, 2022


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SU political science professor provides context to new congressional district maps

Central New York voters are probably nevertheless hoping to figure out what congressional or senate district they now live in immediately after the redrawn maps gained final acceptance. Syracuse University political science professor Grant Reeher states we would not be in this problem if the unbiased redistricting fee experienced done its work and not punted to the legislature. And, if democrats in the legislature hadn’t drawn these types of gerrymandered districts, which sent the maps to court, and then a specific learn.

“Voters have to relearn the candidates, candidates have to type themselves out once again, they have to declare, they have to go about increasing their cash and launching their campaigns or continuing with their strategies or shifting them. And it just creates a large amount of will need for new facts and a large amount of uncertainty. So there is certainly a whole lot of scrambling heading on, and that is a dilemma when your primaries are coming up in just a couple of limited months.”

August 23rd, to be exact, for the congressional and point out senate seats. Voters in Onondaga County are now in the 22nd district, which features Madison and Oneida Counties. Congressmember John Katko is not jogging yet again, so that implies republicans and democrats are lining up for the open up seat.

“That district is continue to arguably a, a purple-ish district, and that might have an influence and present additional of an opening if there is a reasonable Republican that emerges has the nominee there. It all is dependent on what the voters do in the primaries. They are likely to opt for candidates that are far more out on the extremes of both get together.”

Perhaps additional noteworthy, however, is who’s managing in what is turn into the 24th district to the west. Republican Claudia Tenney of New Hartford made a decision to look for the seat which extends from Oswego and Cayuga counties, west throughout the middle of the state, all the way to Niagara County. Reeher claims Tenney is likely a good in shape.

“The district that she’s operating in is pretty obviously probably to elect a Republican, no make a difference who the candidates are, as lengthy as they’re acceptable candidates. And so I believe for her, then it truly is heading to be extra about the principal…will she emerge as the victor. She matches that district ideologically significantly greater than she would healthy the other districts where she’s geographically closer to.”

Reeher states Tenney possibly has an gain with name recognition. At least five other republicans are looking for the seat, as nicely as two democrats.